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Cars Available In Our Fleet

Best Car Rentals near you, SafeDrive offers you the best-in-class Service. Our fleet of cars can be hired with chauffeurs or on a self-drive basis. And these vehicles will offer you optimum comfort and pleasure while you are on a journey.
Some of these cars are also available for Hobart Airport. Not only do they offer you unparalleled comfort, but you also get the best features that enhance your ownership and travel experience.
The safety features of these cars make your road travel more trouble-free. You can travel without much worries and use the cars the way you want them to be.

List of cars in our fleet

Car Rentals hobart

Small Cars

These cars include the Suzuki Baleno, Suzuki Swift and Kia Rio. All of them are equipped with features like an automatic gearbox that makes your interstate or city travel more convenient.

Car Rentals hobart

5 Door Hatch

These cars include Kia Stonic, Kia CeratO and the Hyundai i30. Their safety ratings ensure proper safety for yourself and your co-passengers. You also get the luxury of automatic transmission to make your drives more easy and trouble-free.

Car Rentals Cessna Way

Hybrid Corolla Hatch

This range includes the Mitsubishi Outlander and other cars. These cars offer you ample space and creature comforts aimed to make your experience smooth. They also offer you enhanced safety standards to help you go on a journey without many worries.

This list of cars is properly curated to cater to your needs while you are traveling anywhere. They will surely give you a smooth traveling experience without burning your pockets and cause no worries. You can contact us anytime or check our website to find the best deals on our leasing services and enjoy a smooth experience with us.